His surgery is at 5am


I’m in cleaning mode. Well organizing mode but it’s the same difference, right?

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legalization of wealthy dolphins!

moms against the protection of furries

Acess of white americans

Down with male bronies.

Moms against white Wall Street!

The war on other people’s Wall Street, lol.

The war on other peoples dolphins 

Moms against me, not dolphins

Down with white freedom of speech?
Oh wait….

Sounds like you hit the mark of a real sjw.

Christians for black racism

Save equality for millennials.

Christians for the protection of Dolphins.
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I’m an idiot

So I’m freaking out because my vacuum brush isn’t working, right? And I’m literally going through my vacuum and covering myself with dust just to realize that the roll brush setting is turned off.

Ever since I saw him on the today show like 2 years ago I can’t look at the Alcide actor the same anymore.

He might be tall and put a ton of work in at the gym but he’s got that voice and personality that doesn’t match his physique and now he just bothers me.

He’s that Beta that tried sooo hard to look like an alpha but his testosterone didn’t kick in properly emotion wise.

I guess some girls like that because he’s that big muscular guy hunk but they can still walk all over him.

And he’s got a weird looking face.

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I was just thinking, hospitals should have a food service. Not like the cafeteria but like people on duty who ask people who can’t leave or won’t if they’d like them to get them anything from near by fast food joints. They could have menus on them for all the neighboring places and hand them to the patients and their friends/families then they could charge like an extra .25c per item with a $3 delivery fee.

I think it would be a great idea. I’d probably utilize it if there was one at the hospital tomorrow. It’d be worth the extra $3.50 to not have to look for the place and spend more time away from the hospital in case anything happens. It could be like an electronic thing too like those little squares they attach to phones and tablets. Pull up the menus and select what you want with with a notes section after each selection in case people don’t want pickles or mayo or what have you. They could leave their phone numbers so after the orders are placed the delivery person could call and ask where they’d like them to bring their food.

Maybe when we hit the lottery I’ll invest in something like that. Unless one of you guys wanna steal the idea, I don’t care :p

That sad moment when you pinpoint exactly what your husband’s night sweat smells like.

Apple cider vinegar.



Feminists are the ones who really feel entitled to women, look at how they act when they can’t have one.

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scientific fact: you cant hate ouran highschool host club

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your sheep looks concerned
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#StepUpALLin crashes into theaters August 8th! Dancers are taking over. Are you #ALLin?


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kissing is hella rad but no one is kissing me so that makes me hella sad


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'I was gonna reblog that but that stupid fucking caption you added is annoying and I'm on mobile so I can't delete it but I'm not encouraging that behavior so I won't reblog it at all' the musical

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Largest amount of swag I have ever witnessed

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