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Click here to support getting me to the UK for Vet school!


London, England is the place I want to call home. It has been my dream to not only move and become a legalized citizen in the UK, but to go and study Veterinary Medicine at the RVC Camden Campus  and be legally able to work in England doing what my passion is, which is taking care of sick and injured animals. 

History on my passion: I have been a lover of animals since I was the young age of 3 years old. By the time I was 6, I was telling everyone I wanted to be a vegetarian (Veterinarian) and help animals. I am 18 years old now. I have done my share of volunteering and rescuing, but now I want to give back and get my degree so I can really make a difference.

Unfortunately, between the moving expenses plus college tuition converted into Euro. I am unable to make the move of a lifetime not only to better my life but to get the education I want myself to receive. 

Which is why I so kindly have come to you for help. By you generously giving donations, you are making my future one step closer to happening and I would/will forever be grateful.

You guys should totally donate. She’s pretty rad!

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Everyone who reblogs this will get a skeleton joke in their inbox

I call bullshit

fuck me it actually worked
I’ve never gotten one of these to work before

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(My sexy succubus in Skyrim. I win! Don’t judge me. :P)

//Fucking Skarner.

O_____O°((Vel’Koz…Oh bby'How FUCKED am I’ is a really accurate quesion…))



[[fuck you guys, I got ezreal]]

Varus. I’m okay with this.

I think that’s Nick in L4D2

Oh god


Aw yes, mother fuckin virus husband. C’MERE ALEX

Diana, from League, I think.…okay.

Bowser in Smash 4…

Myself in minecraft.

Chopin in Eternal Sonata. Well then.


I’m just gonna pretend Corruption of Champions is considered a videogame and say I’m HELLA fucked. In a good way. 

Robin in Smash 4. Okay then.

I literally just finished playing some Skyrim, and now I have a male Argonian Dragonborn.
Works for me. He’s a sweet guy, bit of a kleptomaniac though.

my husband’s dragonborn (I was doing his house while he napped)I am so OK with that.

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It’s easy to be “pro life” when you’re not homeless and pregnant

Maybe people shouldn’t risk pregnancy by having unprotected sex when they’re homeless. Or at all,…

You can get contraceptives free at planned parenthood in the United states.

So what?

I’m just saying if a homeless person wants birth control or condoms they can get it free through planned parent hood…? It takes a while but if you’re homeless you haven’t got much else to do, they can also give out information about homeless women’s housing and offer services to women who are pregnant, can’t keep the baby, but don’t want to have an abortion. At least they offered those services for me and my school mates where I was living at the time.

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Thank you
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That kid is the happiest kid in the world

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The pumpkins have already started to rot and there’s mold in hubbys.

This is bull shit.

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shaynesclub sent: I'm not trying to attack you or anything, but how do you hate feminism?

I’m sorry, I never got notified that I had a message. I haven’t had a computer so I’m only on mobile. As far as my hatred for feminism goes, it’s mainly for first world. Let’s be honest the Bossy campaign and shut walk isn’t going to help the 10 yr Olds getting stoned to death because some 80 yr old creep raped them. We have equal pay here in the US, so idk why that’s still an “issue” when it’s been debunked 100x. I don’t like being told I’m being oppressed when my husband WORSHIPS me and the ground I walk on by people who don’t even know the actual definition of chauvinism. Just because I stay at home and let my husband make the executive decisions on things that doesn’t make me weak. I’m an extremely emotionally and mentally strong person who doesn’t take sh!t from anyone. Rape happens. Regardless of whether you’re male or female and I strongly believe in protecting myself and fighting to the death. I don’t like the whole victim complex thing or the fact that people rag on those who created things intended on helping women feel more safe when they do irresponsible activities. I take responsibility for my faults and mistakes, and women in first world countries need to do the same.

Also their “give me money for BC but don’t dictate what I do with my vagina” bothers me. In the US you can receive free birth control. I did for 3 years. Everyone who works gets it taken out of their paycheck. Condoms aren’t expensive. Ive gotten the 40pk for like $10 at Target.

Also their stance on sex bothers me slightly. I’ve been sexually active since I was 16, but only with people I’ve been in serious relationships with. my friend however has been with upwards of 26 guys. She doesn’t get shamed for it, why? Because she doesn’t brag about it or dress like a 10c hooker. She’s also heavy set, but she didn’t sleep with these guys because she’s desperate for them or for sex. She wanted it they wanted it, boom. If nobody knows your business though then nobody has anything to shame you for. She’s married to my husband’s best friend now and he doesn’t care that she was with so many guys before him. My husband, however, was not too happy that I’d had more than one partner before him, but he admitted he probably wouldn’t have stayed with me long if I’d decided to wait for marriage. My husband is a very traditional man, very alpha male bacon tits guns beer merica, but he still holds me in higher respect that himself and that’s because I hold myself like that. I like to say “if you want to be respected then give the world something to respect” and by that I mean be a proud person, don’t require others opinions if they differ from yours, be kind and hospitable but don’t let people walk all over you, be a person that you would admire for strength, and the world will treat you as such.

The only people who have tried to degrade me, hurt me, or treat me as lesser of a person are other females. Women who are so desperate to be loved that it comes off as rage, who are so insecure with themselves that they have nothing better to do than act as if they’re better than everyone else when, in reality, they were the lowest of the low. working hard and paying your own bills doesn’t make you a strong person, what makes you strong is your character and how you deal with adversity. Instead of over coming trials and tribulations then saying f*ck you guys, bet you feel like crap for doubting me, huh?” Feminists wail like toddlers and tell people to do it for them or their sexist pigs.

One last thing, hazardous jobs like firefighting and infantry are lowering their standards because of feminists and therefore endangering lives. My husband is 228lbs of muscle, how can I rest easy if he deploys with a 90lb woman who can barely carry her 80lb gear. I can’t because if he gets shot and stuck with her he’s going to die because she can’t drag him to safety. That scares me. That is not ok. If they didn’t change the standards I wouldn’t care. But they are and it’s NOT ok to put lives in danger for the sake of appeasing feminists who are too lazy to train enough to meet the actual standards.

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Anonymous sent: Wait, this woman is trying to make the military family friendly? Does she understand what a military does?




That’s the thing, she has zero experience with military things. I think to become minister of defense, you should have served, so you’re actually familiar with the troops and their needs.

The US Military has had a huge sea-change in outlook towards being family friendly, politically correct, and more sensitive. It hasn’t been working out well and the culture of “fuck yeah kill people and get shit done” is rapidly dying.

It’ll be sad when we do have to actually go do our jobs again and instead of fighting the enemy we have to fight our own politicians and social media.

I understand the approach, but especially the German military has a few much, much more important problems than being family friendly. Having working equipment would be a good first step, for once.

The US Army has productions like “domestic abuse: the musical”

That’s literally a thing.

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895. Muggleborns wonder why there’s a large group of friendly, teenage ghosts around Hogwarts. They’re led by a funny boy with red hair who likes to joke around with Peeves, and he always says that they’re Dumbledore’s Last Army. 


I’ve cried myself dry.

Fuck everything

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